Intelligent Safe System

Intelligent Safe System

Put your notes bundle in this intelligent safe system. Compact and discreet, this cash system is perfectly suited to small and medium businesses that wish to deposit their daily turnover in complete safe environment.


  • Intelligent safe for the deposit of bundled notes.


  • Unlike any simple safe deposit box, this cash system automates notes deposits.


Intelligent Safe System
The ISS is a compact safe that is perfectly suited for small and medium sized organisations to
deposit bundled banknotes autonomously and securely.



In addition to a reinforced structure, the ISS is equipped with a lock and a secured code identification.



As the operations are automated, the store manager is not required to be present to record the day’s revenues.



With its small size, the ISS can fit any shop.



Foreign or non-compliant banknotes are rejected.



A software controls the door blocker and sends an e-mail alert when the banknote cassette is full.






    Excluding Tax