Fast Deposit Banknote

Fast Deposit Banknote

This cash system allows customers to deposit notes quickly and securely. This self-service machine is a real time saver for banks, CIT, and even for retailers. Thanks to thermo-sealed bags, the risks of theft are reduced.


  • Convenient and secure cash deposit machine.


  • Through core banking connection, your customer will be able to credit their bank accounts with cash.


  • With a customizable Human-Machine Interface, the FDB allows your customers to easily navigate on the cash system.


Fast Deposit Banknote
Secure and simplify your notes and coins deposit with the FDB. This cash system has been
developed with high value deposit in mind. With banks and big retailers back offices as a
primary target, it is adaptable and easy to use.



Conceived to simplify CIT pick ups, notes are deposited in a thermo sealed bag that can only  be reached once sealed.



Notes and coins not recognised by the system are rejected.



An adapted and customizable touchscreen guides the user through the process.



With a high storage capacity, the FDB is adaptable and can store approximately 10,000 coins and 8,000 banknotes.



Through a connection to core banking, cash deposit can be instantly credited to a previously defined account.



    Excluding Tax