Smart Cash Manager - A

Smart Cash Manager - A

Any brick and mortar business with a small share of cash payments finds a quick return on investment with this solution. Its size will allow for an integration on or in your counter.


  • This cash recycler is compact, fast and secure.


  • Thanks to a modern and adaptable design, this cash recycler is easy to use and to integrate to any shop.


  • Compatible with most PoS software, the SCM-A’s integration is simple. With a fast transaction time, waiting time is reduced for your customers.


According to your requirement, the screen can be installed at the top or bottom of the system.


The SCM-A can be added on top of your counter or integrated to the counter.



Staff now has more time to inform and advise customers.



Modern technologies used in the SCM-A allow for a reliable processing of coins and notes.



Thanks to high storage capacity, staff will have limited interaction with the cash flow.

    Excluding Tax