Smart Cash Manager - B

Smart Cash Manager - B

Simplify and secure your payments thanks to our SCM-B. It perfectly fits in any kind of business: bakery, butcher shop, fast-food restaurant, florist, pharmacy, supermarket,…



  • This cash recycler is effective, intuitive and convenient.


  • Thanks to its ergonomic size, the SCM-B is easy to integrate in a shop or in a supermarket.


  • The machine is easy to handle. Customers and staff can get a good understanding of the system in no time.



No more manipulation of banknotes and coins by cashiers.



Each transaction can be shorten, taking less than 5 seconds each time.



Staff now has more time to inform and advise customers.


With each coin storage seperated, rendering is faster and breakdowns can be prevented.



Recognition of doubtful objects or foreign currencies.



Thanks to high storage capacity, staff will have limited interaction with the cash flow.



    Excluding Tax